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Lamar Tennis Center
8100 YMCA Plaza Drive
Baton Rouge, LA  70810
(225) 612-2420

Americana YMCA
4200 Liberty Way
Zachary, LA  70791
(225) 654-9622



Our lesson philosophy is to build sound fundamentals with each student by setting goals, hard work to accomplish those goals, discipline and keeping a winning attitude. We enjoy the journey with our students and the bond that is created.

Once a player understands how to hit the ball, the next step involves how to move to the ball and the recover process. From there we focus on different patterns of play and strategy. Patterns of play basically means that when the ball is in a certain area of the court you have specific targets that you are trying to hit. These targets help you to set your point up, get out of trouble, or attack your opponent and keep him or her off balance. We also work on developing the style of player that best suits your personality and enhances your overall strengths and weaknesses.

Remember, you must be willing for your level to go down before it goes up. What you do today determines how far you get in the future.

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